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Puppy Questionnaire


Puppy Placement Questionnaire

*Registration applications for all Australian Shepherds placed will be marked as “non-breeding” unless previously discussed terms are agreed upon and we have entered into contract for breeding stock.*

Do you prefer:
Will you have your Aussie spayed or neutered:
Are you in contact with another breeder?

This information is only to determine if one of our pups is likely to make a good, long term match for your home/ ranch. We will not share this information with anyone else.


While we love Aussies, they have characteristics and requirements that some may find difficult to manage. Please read the following:

“The Australian Shepherd is a medium size, active breed which sheds its coat biannually. They are curious and need to remain active and involved with their family in order to maintain a solid temperament. Aussies will show guarding behavior, including barking to alert for changes in the environment. Because they are a herding breed, they will chase and nip at the heels of young children as well as moving objects. Prolonged confinement and neglect can produce aggression in this breed. They are sensitive dogs and do not respond well to hard handling. Positive reinforcement methods, regular training and socialization as well as a structured, loving home life are best for the Australian Shepherd”.   By submitting this form you have read and agreed to the above conditions.

We thank you for your interest and for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Balance is always due in cash upon taking possession of said puppy or puppies.

Thanks for submitting!

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